orthoapnea "Voor zorgeloze nachten"


OrthoApnea is an innovative, patented, intraoral device that is specially developed for treatment od snoring and sleep apnea syndrom.


What is sleepapnea

During sleep the muscles relax who are responsible for air supply, so it is more difficult for air supply at the height of the pharynx. The soft tissues vibrate and cause snoring. The lack of air flow is often the reason that there is too little oxygen in the blood. The brain is alarmed by this lack of oxygen and the sleep interrupted numerous times.

The lack of of oxygen has a series of sympoms such as sleepiness, fatique and depression. In general increases the sleep apnea even the risk of certain diseases such as high blood pressure, heart attack, embolism and fibromyalgia.

Lethargic, amnesia and changes in the state of mind affect the personal and social life, and have a negative impact in the work performance. Besides, lack of sleep increases the risk of an accident at work or in traffic.

What impact will sleep apnea on our health?


The most efficient solution: OrthoApnea

Orthoapnea is an innovative, patented, intraoral device that is specially developedfor treatment of snoring and sleepapnea syndrom. The function is based on to forward the lower jaw in a controlled and comfortable manner. Muscle tension at the trachea will increase. As a result, the air admission facilitated, and the snoring sound disappear. This results in a significant improvement of the quality of life.

 Features of the OrthoApnea:

Overall movements for greater comfort