clear-aligner Dé oplossing voor alle orthodontieproblemen

Clear Aligner

Invisible regualation using a CLEAR-ALIGNER




The correction of malocclusion with the aesthetical CLEAR-ALIGNER has developed into an important part of orthodontic treatment. Especially in treatment of adults, this therapy concept has more than proven itself in many clinical cases. The treatment guarantees optimum treatment results, combined with perfect comfort for the patient.

With the CLEAR-ALIGNER you can talk and laugh as always!!

The treatment will not prevent you from talking and laughing, because the CLEAR-ALIGNER is manufactured of clear transparant material, ensuring a relax feeling and your self confidence remains unaffected. You are not aware of the presence of the CLEAR-ALIGNER: you retain a normal sensation in the mouth. The CLEAR-ALIGNER ensures a casual, almost pleasant feeling in the mouth. Thanks the lack of screws and wires the aligner carries soft and comfortable. During meals and tooth brushing -and you can do that whenever you want- you can remove the aligner without any problem.